Emma Franks (b. 1972, Essex) lives and works in London. She studied Fine Art at Brighton University (1994), Art Psychotherapy at Hertfordshire University (1999) and Studio Painting at Turps Banana Art School (2023). She creates paintings, costumes, sculptures, artist books and performs. Her deeply personal practice combines lived experiences with strong imagery and personal symbols of power, as well as feminist icons, in rebelliously humorous works.  Franks previously worked within state education and the National Health Service, in addition to being a practising artist. Recent exhibitions in London include Turps Banana Leavers Show,  Naissance Re-Naissance Unit Gallery London, and Recreational Grounds VII (2023); Love, Celebration and the Road Ahead, TJ Boulting (2022); Mood Times Ten, Fitzrovia Gallery (2022); 50:50, Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution (2019); and The Stratford Gallery (2018).


Articles and Interviews

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