‘The women of Emma Franks materialise out of the luminous and subdued hues of her oil paintings. They are like brief apparitions of inner worlds the spectator has been privileged to glimpse before they vanish back into foggy depths. They emerge with their alabaster faces, voluminous headgear and downcast eyes, lost in thought. They are alone but self-contained, possessors of a quiet power. Shaped by and submerged in colour, they are on the verge of being transformed.’ Words by Lito Apostolakou as featured in Village Raw Magazine

Emma’s paintings are an expression of her inner world and are a direct narrative of her life. She has for a long time been creating paintings with the aim of transporting the viewer into their own inner reflections, offering a state of calmness and introspection.

Her paintings have been described as ‘lyrical’, ‘beautiful’, ‘calming’ and ‘poetic’ and she is often asked about their unique style. ‘The process of creating a painting is spontaneous and playful. Often I begin a new work without knowing what will emerge. I slowly build up a picture, applying thin washes of oil paint then rub them away. I am very excited and passionate about the physical act of painting. I love to see how the painting will take on a life of its own and what might emerge by pure accident.’

Women of Worth

‘Interested in the social conditioning of women, Emma is now approaching a difficult subject: the commitment of women to asylums in the 19th century.  Inspired by Maggie O’Farrell’s The vanishing Act of Esme Lennox and Elaine Showalter’s The Female Malady, Emma explores women who did not conform to accepted behaviour and were shut in mental institutions as a result.  She draws from the photographic portraits of female patients of the Surrey County Asylum made by Dr Hugh Welch Diamond between 1848 and 1858.  Dr Diamond believed that the patients’ facial features reflected the disorders they were suffering from.  Emma casts a female gaze on these women who were subjected to a male gaze and treated accordingly. She sees her new work as a “comment on the patriarchy and on how women have to conform and be a certain way.”‘ Words by Lito Apostolakou as featured in Village Raw Magazine


Village Raw Magazine

Exhibitions and Fairs

‘I Care About You, La Dinette, Muswell Hill

Canopy Market, Kings x

East Finchley Open Houses

Muswell Hill Creatives Winter Fair

50:50 Group Exhibition with East Finchley Open Studios @ Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution

Muswell Hill Creatives Craft Fair Spring

Crouch End Festival Summer

The Stratford Gallery Winter Exhibition
Selvedge Fair,  London and Charleston House

The Stratford Gallery

Affordable Art Fair (Hampstead and Battersea)

Institute of Group Analysis
St Georges Hospital London
Byard Art Gallery
Lena Boyle Hampstead Affordable Art Fair
LeTrouve, California,
Solo Exhibition ‘Enchanted Dreams Arundel Contemporary
Solo Exhibition ‘Joy Within’ Arundel Contemporary
Film: Arundel Artroom presents Emma Franks
Selected Artist Arundel Contemporary Trail August 2013