My paintings are an expression of my inner world and are a direct narrative of my life. I have for a long time been creating paintings with the aim of transporting the viewer into their own inner reflections, offering a state of calmness and introspection.

My paintings have been described as ‘lyrical’, ‘beautiful’, ‘calming’ and ‘poetic’ and I am often asked about their unique style. The process of creating a painting is spontaneous and playful. Often I begin a new work without knowing what will emerge. I slowly build up a picture, applying thin washes of oil paint then rub them away. I am very excited and passionate about the physical act of painting. I love to see how the painting will take on a life of its own and what might emerge by pure accident.

Textile Work

The textile art works are reminiscent of childhood play when I would spend hours dressing paper dolls. They are made using a sewing machine, hand sewing, collage and embroidery, creating intricate and captivating portraits of women.  Each portrait portrays feelings of empowerment and beauty, each with their own individual personality.

I offer private lessons in my studio at home, teaching people to make their very own textile artwork.  Please contact me if interested via my contact page.


Future Exhibitions

East Finchley Open Houses 30th June/1st July and 7th and 8th July

Previous Exhibitions

Muswell Hill N10 Creatives Craft Fair

Crouch End Festival

Stratford Gallery Winter Exhibition
Selvedge Fair,  Mary Ward House

Institute of Group Analysis
St Georges Hospital London
Byard Art Gallery
Lena Boyle Hampstead Affordable Art Fair
LeTrouve, California,
Solo Exhibition ‘Enchanted Dreams Arundel Artroom
Solo Exhibition ‘Joy Within’ Arundel Artroom
Film: Arundel Artroom presents Emma Franks
Selected Artist Arundel ArtRoom Gallery Trail August 2013

London Design Fair

Brighton Art Fair
Bristol AAF
Chelsea Art Fair
McAllisterThomas Fine Art
Singing Soul Gallery
Battersea Affordable Art Fair
Palace Art Fair

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